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"Media Circus" Podcast #MediaShoutOut

Zach Powers

I'm a fanatical consumer of podcasts about sports and about journalism/media. So naturally, I think Sports Illustrated writer & Columbia University faculty member Richard Deitsch's "Media Circus" pod about sports journalism (the field I spent my most of my youth dreaming to someday work in) is pure ear pizza.

My favorite segment yet on the relatively young pod (it's currently only 8 episodes in) was Deitsch's conversation with the great Rachel Nichols (below) following her being barred from the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight for asking tough questions about Floyd's serial domestic violence.

p.s. I also really, really dig the show's logo. I'm a big fan of Sports Illustrated's online branding and design. It's complimentary and befitting of the content and stories SI Online produces, differentiates them from their competitors (ESPN, FoxSports, Bleacher Report, etc.), is "hip" enough to attract millennial (and whatever the generation that is younger than millennials is called) readers, and is, at the same time, broadly tasteful, sharp and generally appealing in a way that ought to be pleasing to sports fans of all ages.

p.s.s. Wow, that was an extremely long "p.s." Apologies for that. Perhaps would make for a good topic for a future blog entry...? 

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